Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Visits SkyVision

People roll their eyes when we say things like "we have a very visual job", but when big storms hit our part of Cleveland it's never more true. SkyVision Centers, along with all of the businesses in the Crocker Park area of Westlake, lost its power on Monday night. We didn't get it back until sometime very early in the morning today. As luck would have it our phones were still kaput until just after noon. All is well and everything is up and running now, even our phones!

As much as any specialty, eye doctors are literally stopped cold without electricity. Not just those who have computerized medical records, but ALL eye doctors. If you think about it that makes a lot of sense. All of the instruments that our doctors use are electric in some way, shape or form. Even the lowly flashlights need to be plugged in to get charged.

We are fortunate to have highly qualified emergency room physicians in the Greater Cleveland area, and most of the hospitals have generators if there is an emergency that must be attended to immediately. Dr. White likes to say that SkyVision is open and available for eye emergencies 363 days of the year, we just never know which day will turn out to be #364 or #365. For us this year one of them was November 30th!

We are back and running strong today. Happy Halloween! Let's hope none of the Hobgoblins gives you such a fright that you need to see an eye doc, but if you DO...

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