Monday, October 29, 2012

Advanced Lens Implants Last Forever!

More and more of our SkyVision patients are choosing Advanced Lifestyle intraocular lens implants (IOL's) for their cataract surgeries. Not only are they getting better and better vision, but following their surgeries they can see almost everything they need to see WITHOUT ANY GLASSES!! We have also noticed a trend toward people opting to have their surgies at a younger age so that they can enjoy their improved, glasses-free vision for a longer time.

This of course has prompted people to start to ask how long will their implants last? It turns out that the new, advanced IOL's that help people to see better without glasses last just as long as the Basic High-Tech implants we have been using for decades. Dr. White is fond of saying that "[your] lens implants will outlive you by several thousand years!"

If you have a cataract and need to have surgery you don't have to worry about your IOL "wearing out". They pretty much last forever! The two questions you need to ask yourself remain the same as they've always been. When do I want to see better? Do I want to be freer from the need to wear glasses after my cataract surgery?

If the answers are "now" and "yes" you can rest assurred that your IOL's will likely last forever!

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