Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Advanced Care for Pink Eye: An Update

We recently wrote about a new diagnostic tool to help determine if Pink Eye, or Conjunctivitis, is caused by a particular virus. The AdenoPlus test for adenovirus is now part of our acute red eye protocol at SkyVision Centers and has been for 6 weeks. Here's what we have found:

1) Approximately 50% of infection-caused Pink Eye is caused by the adenovirus.
2) Treating viral conjunctivitis with both and anti-inflammatory medicine AND an antiviral decreases the time it takes for patients to feel better.
3) We have been surprised to find positive test results in eyes that we would otherwise not have diagnosed as viral Pink Eye. This has increased our ability to accurately and promptly treat our patients.
4) Positive tests have occurred as long as 3 weeks after the beginning of symptoms; we wonder if the AdenoPlus test will also bring a new understanding about the length of time someone can remain contagious.
5) We have been able to decrease the amount of antibiotics we have been prescribing for Pink Eye.

New Test For Pink Eye at Skyvision

In combination with our cutting edge Dry Eye diagnostic protocols using the TearLab tear osmolarity test, SkyVision now has the most advanced protocols available to diagnose and treat a patient who comes to the office with a Red Eye. We are committed to seeking out any and all new discoveries in order to remain on the cutting edge of this, and all eye diseases!

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