Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fun In the Operating Room

What a good time we all had in the operating room this morning! My OR's tend to be pretty light in atmosphere and generally low-stress environments. It seems that this extends to our patients as well. At the beginning of one of the cataract surgeries our patient, a 75ish year old woman, wanted to share a joke with everyone in the room. I suggested that she wait for the end of the case--I'd already started--and she did!

Here's her joke:

Three older ladies were having tea, and two of them were commenting on how happy their friend was with her new beau.

"What is it about him? Is he rich?"
"Is he a good dancer?"
"What is it?!"

With a little smile their friend leaned in and said in a low private voice, "'s none of those things. I'm happy because he can drive at night!"

Busted all of us up! You have to love a patient who can poke fun at herself and her generation!

Dr. White

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