Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Contact Lenses? BE CAREFUL!!

Every year we see someone in the SkyVision Centers office who bought decorative contact lenses as part of their Halloween costume. This is pretty cool, adding a cool "eye" to your costume, but the people we see after Halloween are folks who bought their contact lenses at the same place they bought their costume, NOT from an eye doctor of any kind. Some of these people have never worn contact lenses before, and no one taught them how to take care of their lenses.

Contact lenses are WONDERFUL, and we are big fans of contacts in general. There are some really important safety rules with contact lenses, though, and buying contacts from a costume store can be dangerous. Here is a video from the American Academy of Ophthalmology about these dangers.

Be smart. If you wear contact lenses take good care of your eyes. If you don't wear contacts and have never had a formal contact lens fitting, don't choose this weekend to all of a sudden buy a pair for Halloween. We want your Halloween to be filled with only treats!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all of us at SkyVision!

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