Friday, January 28, 2011

What's New With RevitalVision?

RevitalVision is the fantastic vision training program developed from the concept of neural plasticity. All of the doctors at Skyvision Centers are huge fans of this technology. The earliest uses were with post-op vision training for patients with LIFESTYLE lens implants, and post-op vision training for patients who had custom LASIK vision correction surgery.

 The scientists at RevitalVision have just introduced a SPORTS VISION program! This program is perfect for athletes of all kinds who need to gain an edge on their competitors. Even if you have very good vision you will get sharper, crisper, higher quality vision from the RevitalVision Sports Vision program. Imagine that you are a tennis player and you see the ball come off your opponents racket just a little quicker. You are a baseball player and you pick up the spin of a pitch earlier and with better accuracy. Sounds great, huh?

 Dr. White and the SkyVision Centers eye doctors are planning to participate in a study using the RevitalVision Sports Vision program to improve the speed and accuracy of our Marine marksman. This is one more way that RevitalVision and SkyVision Centers are bringing you a whole new type of vision performance.

 Vision Redesigned(R)!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eyewear for Skiing

Wow! We can't believe it's almost February and we haven't talked about what kind of eyewear to use for skiing yet. Skiing is one of Dr. White's favorite pastimes!

 For sure you need to wear SOMETHING over your eyes when you are skiing. It's very important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light. The snow actually reflects ultraviolet light so you are getting UV rays from above, straight in, and below when you ski. Snow blindness is actually caused by multiplying the sun's UV rays by all the snow reflections.

 For sure you can wear sunglasses. There are lots of sunglass styles and lenses that work great on the snow. You will certainly want larger lenses, maybe even a wrap–around style to not only block out UV light but also protect your eyes from the wind and the cold. There are some really great sunglasses from Maui Jim that work really well.

 Dr. White prefers to wear goggles when he is skiing. He feels more comfortable with his eyes totally protected from not only ultraviolet light but all of the elements on the slopes. Just like with sunglasses, there are lots of companies that make very good ski goggles. Dr. White and his entire family have worn Oakley goggles for more than 15 years. Oakley has lenses to fit any light condition, and their goggles fit really well with ski and snowboard helmets. Safety first!

 Don't forget to protect your eyes if you are a skier or snowboarder.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fittest Eye Doc in America Challenge Has a Home!

The Fittest Eye Doc in America, a challenge thrown down by Dr. White in Cleveland and open to any and all eye doctors in North America, has a home for its first big event! Crossfit San Diego will host a competition during the ASCRS convention at the end of March.

"I can't begin to thank Lisa Gibson enough for opening her gym to us while I am in San Diego for ASCRS," said Dr. White. "Lisa and her trainers have made us welcome in their space. This should be a great start to the year-long Challenge!"

The Eye Doc Challenge is a test of true, overall fitness. It includes a test of pure strength (the deadlift), aerobic capacity (a one mile run), and muscle endurance (pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats). It is meant to invoke memories of the Presidential Council on Fitness tests we all remember from grade school.

Any eye doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist can give it a go! Just send your results here, or post them on the Skyvision Centers Facebook page.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Robot With Artificial Retinas!

From an artifcle in Fast Company, online:

"Swiss researchers have developed a robot that can balance a pencil. New Scientist informs us that pole-balancing is, apparently, a "well-known exercise in robotics research." But roboticists weren't able to make a robot that balanced a "pole" as small as a pencil--until the Swiss researchers struck upon a novel visual processing idea.

The pencil-balancing acrobat doesn't rely on a video feed for its visual input. Rather, the researchers developed "silicon retinas" that only focus on sudden changes in illumination. This mimics how our eyes actually work, and it reduces the processing load for the robot, allowing it to react more quickly.

As the researchers explain on their site, 'our processing algorithm extracts the pencil position and angle without ever using a 'full scene' visual representation, but simply by processing only the spikes relevant to the pencil's motion.' "

This is VERY cool stuff. The silicone retina acutally responds in a way that is very similar to the way our own visual system does, to images and orientation of edges. Neat!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fittest Eye Doc In America, Round 1

Dr. White took his first shot at the Fittest Eye Doc in America Challenge today. Here's the LINK to our blog post with the details on the test. After he caught his breath we asked him how it went!

"Wow! I can't believe the scores that some of my non-doc friends are getting on this after doing it myself. I'm coming off a little bit of a cold, but MAN that was tough.

I'm not the best runner so my 7:45 mile time was OK, especially coming right after the deadlift. I stopped after 8:00 of the deadlift because my back felt a little "twingy" at 275 pounds. I think I have at least another 25 pounds that I can lift there!

The body weight exercises were surprisingly hard, probably because you have to do them right after lifting and running. My scores for the 2:00 of each were 42 Pull-ups, 37 Push-ups, 57 Sit-ups and 73 Squats, so my overall Challenge score is +19.

Going in we thought anything over 0 is good, over 100 is very good, and over 200 is outstanding. I guess I've got a little work to do!"

Keep it up, Dr. White! Two more months of training in Cleveland before the big contest at ASCRS in San Diego.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skyvision Doctors 3 of 3 Dr. Greg Kaye

Dr. Kaye attended the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago where he earned his Doctor of Optometry in 1996 and also received a Bachelor of Science in Visual Science in 1994. Prior to this, he did his undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University. Dr. Kaye's clinical training included rotations at the Illinois Eye Institute as well as various externships sites throughout Chicago. He enjoys practicing all areas of Optometry, but has special interest in refractive surgery and contact lenses. He has also enjoyed being a clinical investigator for Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lom and Vistakon.

Prior to joining Skyvision Centers, Dr. Kaye practiced independently in North Olmsted, Ohio for over eight years. Immediately after graduating from Optometry school, he worked for an ophthalmologist in the Chicago area before he and his wife decided to relocate back to Ohio and be closer to their families.

Dr. Kaye currently resides in Avon Lake with his wife Mary and children Adam, Andrew and Lauren. He was born in Euclid, Ohio and spent the majority of his life in Norwalk, Ohio. Dr. Kaye is an avid golfer and also enjoys playing tennis and running.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Does Our Office Look Like That?

 Dr. White was recently asked to contribute a short article on the architectural elements of our Skyvision Centers office in Westlake, Ohio just outside of Cleveland. Here is what he had to say:

“In the design of any public space the sponsor and the architect must agree on both the mission and the audience for the space. This is more the case in spaces devoted to customer service, and in our opinion at Skyvision it is most true in spaces where people who are sick receive their treatment. In 2006 we had the good news/bad news opportunity to design a medical office from scratch, with neither an existing book of business nor any legacy protocols or design to which we needed to respond. Whereas most medical spaces are built around the needs and experience of the provider, we placed our emphasis on the needs and the experience of the patient by taking our design cues from non-medical customer service companies like Nordstrom’s and Canyon Ranch.

     The analogy that has been most helpful for me in describing our space is the kitchen sink. Ubiquitous, the kitchen sink comes in literally hundreds of different varieties, from bare utilitarian to extravagant and elegant. There is a necessary amount of plumbing involved in every sink, from very simple to quite complex, but essentially all of the plumbing is hidden from view. The workflow, the pattern of movement of patients, staff, and work that is necessary to provide eye care at Skyvision is much like the plumbing under a sink. We adopted best practice flow dynamics not from any medical benchmark but from companies such as Toyota. These design elements, critical to the achievement of best medical outcomes, are largely hidden from view.

     The look of our “sink” is where it is obvious that we are committed to enhancing the experience of every patient who visits Skyvision. There is a great amount of research that analyzes our response to spaces and we took advantage of much of this. For example, older folks are uncomfortable walking over a floor with circles in the pattern of the carpet; it makes them feel unsteady. We had a BEAUTIFUL carpet with circles of various sizes, shapes and colors picked out, but this research prompted us to change the pattern. We utilized darker, richer colors on all of the surfaces for a soothing visual experience. Patients routinely complain about crowding and waiting in medical offices. We solved the waiting problem through our adoption of Toyota’s flow processes. We solved the sense of crowding by building an office with multiple small sitting areas. The entire office has 12 foot ceilings, and all of the hallways are extra wide giving a sense of open space throughout—elbow room included!

     The design elements in the main Skyvision Center were chosen to enhance every aspect of our patients’, our customers’ experience. The ‘hidden’ architectural elements that promote efficient and accurate flow through the office maximize our ability to achieve outstanding medical outcomes. The look and feel of the office is designed to help us provide an enjoyable experience each time a patient visits us. Both the hidden and the visible architectural elements are indicative of our commitment to both our mission and our audience.”

Monday, January 10, 2011

In Memorium, Dr. Ken Lee

Skyvision Centers has lost a dear friend, Dr. Ken Lee, whose funeral was this morning. Dr. Lee attended Williams College shortly after Dr. White in the 1980's, and Dr. Lee's father K.D. was instrumental in welcoming Dr. White to Cleveland in 1991. Dr. Lee and Dr. White were close friends. Here are Dr. White's thoughts:

"I said a final goodbye to my good friend, Ken Lee this morning. His Memorial Service took place at the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Rock River. Pastor Kathleen Rolenz guided the service, and Ken's very close friends Mike and Anne Lew, and his friend and doctor Ed Blades shared readings with all those present. The ceremony was very much in keeping with Ken's deep spiritual nature, and while it was very sad it was also uplifting. Ken would have been happy.

Ken was struck with a particularly diabolical cancer 22 months ago, one that is almost universally fatal. He lived the last 22 months of his life with unfailing grace, seeking always to find the many blessings that might be there each day if only one were to look for them. He and I spent some quiet time together duing most weeks over those 22 months, and our friendship deepened. Though I am very sad to have lost my friend I am much happier to have had the chance to build our friendship, to have had those special, quiet moments together.

Ken left us these words with which to remember him: Keep Your Eyes Open
     Keep your eyes ope to see the gifts around you,
     Open to see the love of family and friends,
     Open to seeing beauty, in people and in nature,
     Open to se solutions more than problems,
     Open to see the best in others.

I will miss my friend, Ken Lee. I was blessed to have known him"

Dr. White

Friday, January 7, 2011

Skyvision Doctors 2 of 3 Scott C. Schlegel, OD

Dr. Scott Schlegel

Attending both Ohio University and The Ohio State University, Dr. Schlegel earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiological Optics. In 1976 he received his Doctorate from The Ohio State University's College of Optometry. He is certified from the Ohio State Board of Optometry in diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals.

Work experience in private practice, lasik refractive centers, and large multi- disciplinary clinics allow Dr. Schlegel to bring a broad and informed perspective to patient care. His special recognitions include the Ohio Permanente 'Super Service Award' as well as receiving the highest patient satisfaction score within his department. He was appointed to the 'lead position' in the optometry division. Dr. Schlegel is a member of the American and Ohio Optometric Associations.

Dr. Schlegel has many interests beyond eyecare. You may find him out on Lake Erie as he continues to work on his windsurfing skills. When the wind dies, the door is opened for a round of golf. Take cover everyone! Dr. Schlegel also enjoys snow skiing.

Dr. Schlegel was raised in Mansfield, Ohio. He has three siblings and a large extended family. He and his wife Bonnie have been married and have lived in Berea since 1977. They are active in their church and community youth groups. Over the years they have hosted several foreign exchange students from Japan, Germany, Turkey, and Thailand. They have two adult children. Their daughter, Caitland, and her husband live in the quaint town of Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville. Their son, Ty and his wife make Austin,Texas their home.

Having been eyeglass/contact lens wearers since childhood, Dr. Schlegel and Bonnie have enjoyed the excellent results from lasik surgery performed in 1998. Dr. Schlegel looks forward to serving patients as a member of the Skyvision team.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Skyvision Doctors 1 of 3 Darrell E. White, MD

Patients often ask us about our doctors.   We have one Opthalmologist (MD) and two Optometrists (OD).
Dr. White is our medical specialist and physician.   Drs. Schelgel and Kaye are our Optometrists, doctors of optometry, vision care specialists. 


Darrell E. White, M.D. is the founder of Skyvision Centers. Dr. White graduated from Williams College in 1982 with a BA in biology. He then attended the University of Vermont College of Medicine, receiving his medical degree in 1986. Internship at Rhode Island Hospital (a Brown University teaching hospital) was followed by an ophthalmology residency at New York University. Dr. White's training culminated in a year as the Executive Chief Resident in 1990.

Dr. White and his family moved to Northeast Ohio in 1991. Dr. White has been one of the preeminent ophthalmic surgeons in the area since that time. He has held numerous leadership positions including President of the Cleveland Ophthalmological Society, and Medical Director of the first excimer laser center in Northeast Ohio. Dr. White continues to be a leader among ophthalmic surgeons in the area, bringing new technologies, advanced concepts and new products to Northeast Ohio. He performed the first crystalens™ accommodating lens surgery in Northeast Ohio.

Unlike most ophthalmologists Dr. White was introduced to the eye care industry as a child by his father. Dick White spent his entire working career in the optical industry. Beginning with his first job at American Optical in Southbridge Massachusetts, Dick was involved in all aspects of optical manufacturing. In the latter part of his career Dick and his partner owned the Martin-Copland Company, one of the oldest frame manufacture's in America. Because of his unique early exposure to eye care, eye doctors and the optical industry, Dr. White's perspective as an ophthalmologist is truly unique.

Dr. White and his wife Beth have lived in Bay Village for almost 20 years. They just became empty nester’s! Their three children Dan, Megan, and Randy are all in college. Early in their years in Cleveland the White family fell in love with skiing and they have spent time together both in the mountains and on the beach all over the United States.

Dr. White is a life-long athlete. In January of 2006 he discovered CrossFit. Dr. White will tell everyone who will listen how great CrossFit is, and how much more healthy and fit he is since he started using CrossFit for his physical fitness. He is a certified CrossFit trainer, and holds the unofficial title of “CrossFit community goodwill ambassador,” a position given to him by the CrossFit founder Craig Glassman.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fittest Eye Doc in America Challenge!

Dr. White is throwing down! That's right, our own Dr. Darrell White is challenging all of the eye doctors in America to determine who is the Fittest Eye Doc in America!

About 5 years ago Dr. White discovered a fitness program called CROSSFIT. Founded and developed by the training team of Greg and Lauren Glassman, Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that builds general physical preparedness. You know, the kind of fitness that prepares you for whatever may come your way tomorrow. That's why Crossfit has become the pricipal fitness program for the U.S. Navy Seals!

Dr. White has been very influenced by Crossfit and how Crossfit defines fitness. It isn't enough to be have just lots of endurance if you aren't strong, and it isn't enough to be really strong if you don't have any endurance. You have to have both in order to be truly fit. Crossfit calls this "work capacity across broad time and modal domains". How far can you move how much for how long?! Any test of true fitness should evaluate both strength and endurance.

So here is the "Fittest Eye Doc in America" test that Dr. White is challenging any and all optometrists and opththalmologists to complete:

1) You have 10:00 to achieve a 1-rep max effort in the Deadlift (measured in pounds).
2) Immediately following your last Deadlift attempt Run 1 Mile (measured in seconds).
3) Upon completing the mile run rest 5:00
4) In 2:00 do as many Pull-ups as you can (chin over the bar any way).
5) Rest 2:00
6) In 2:00 perform as many Push-ups as you can (chest touches surface at level equal to hands)
7) Rest 2:00
8) In 2:00 perform as many Sit-ups as you can (shoulder blade to floor/elbows to knees)
9 Rest 2:00
10) In 2:00 perform as many "Air Squats" as you can (crease of hip at or below knee)

Your Eye Doc Challenge score is computed as follows:
Deadlift + Pull-ups + Push-ups + Sit-ups + Squats - Mile Run

So there you have it! The Challenge lasts all year. Send in your results. If Dr. White is in YOUR neighborhood he'll come by for a throw-down, and it you're in Westlake, OH we expect to see you! Oh yeah...don't worry...Dr. White is the guy on the LEFT!