Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RevitalVision: How Did Dr. White Do?

He finished! Dr. White has completed a 25 session "Low Myopia" RevitalVision program after being switched over from the Sport program. How did it go? Well, Dr. White can now see a full line better on the eye chart without wearing his glasses in each of his eyes! His right eye went from 20/40 to 20/30 in the right eye, and from 20/30 to almost 20/20 in the left eye.

"I'm not wearing my glasses to drive during the day anymore," said Dr. White. "I'm watching TV without my glasses, too!"

RevitalVision is a computer training program that actually increases the ability of your brain to see better. Our eyes gather and focus images which are then transported to the back of our brains. It's there, in the brain, that we actually see. The RevitalVision program increases the processing speed of the visual information, recruits additional visual pathways, and increases contrast sensitivity to allow you to see better.

There are specific programs for Low Myopia, Sports Vision, Post-Cataract and Post-LASIK, as well as an FDA approved program for Amblyopia or "lazy eye".   Ask us about this amazing, exciting non-surgical way to improve your vision!

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