Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where does Dr. White do his Cataract Surgeries?

Although we have a very large, very beautiful main office in Westlake ( see pictures on our website) we don't have enough room to do our surgeries right there.  So where does Dr. White do cataract surgery, especially surgery using all of the new Lifestyle implants? Well, glad you asked! 

For more than 16 years Dr. White has been doing lots of his surgeries at a simply fantastic outpatient center called The Surgery Center in Berea, OH. You can find their website here.  The Surgery Center has been run since it opened by a woman who is simply the best surgical administrator in America,  Barb Draves!   Barb was part of the original team who opened the center some 27 years ago, and it has grown into one of the busiest outpatient surgery centers in the whole country. 

So why there?   Why choose THIS particular outpatient center to use for our most exciting, premium cataract surgeries? In a word it all comes down to excellent patient care. The entire staff at The Surgery Center is fully dedicated to providing not only the very best care possible but also to give our Skyvision patients the best experience possible. Just like in our office at Skyvision Centers! 

One of the most common comments we hear from our patients after their cataract surgeries at The Surgery Center is "the staff is so wonderful there!".  
We couldn't be happier with the care our patients get at The Surgery Center, and we know you will be happy there if you need to have surgery!

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