Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time To Plan For Ski Season! All new Zeal by Maui Jim are here!

We know...we know...it was just 67 degrees in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago! Crazy, huh?! Even so, winter is just around the corner and it's time to get ready for ski season. It's very important to think about UV protection on the slopes, just like it's important to protect your eyes on the beach and on the water.

When you are skiing or snowboarding you are exposed to UV light from the sun above, but you are also getting bathed in UV rays that are reflected UP off the snow! That's why snow blindness, basically a UV burn on the front of your eyes, is such a big problem.

How about polarization? At Skyvision Centers we think polarization is a personal choice. On very bright days it can help to cut down on glare and reflections, but sometimes it actually makes it harder to pick out obstacles (think moguls! ) on those gray, flat light days.

We have a great selection of Oakley, Adidas and Ed Hardy and the all new Zeal by Maui Jim ski goggles in our Westlake, Ohio office, and we can order any hard to find lens/goggle combo.  Now is the time to be thinking about protecting your eyes whether you are skiing or boarding!  How about a new pair for a Christmas gift?

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