Friday, November 9, 2012

"No-Touch" Laser Vision Correction

It's day one at the AAO! What's Dr. White been up to?

"Friday and Saturday are called 'Sub-Specialty Days' at AAO. These are highly specialized meetings where the leaders in the more specialized areas of eye surgery convene to really concentrate on that smaller slice of eye care. As I usually do, I am attending the Refractive Surgery meetings, and I might drop by the Cornea meeting for a bit, too.

The most interesting talk so far has been given by the very famous Dr. Lindstrom on doing Laser Vision Correction without using any type of flap or physical manipulation of the surface of the cornea. Dr. Lindstrom was specifically talking about late enhancements of prior LASIK cases, but it applies very well to patients who have had Advanced IOL Cataract Surgery, too.

Briefly, the laser that we use to do the treatment itself can also be used to prepare the cornea for laser. The epithelium, or "skin" of the cornea, is removed using the laser itself, and then the refractive treatment follows almost immediately. This helps to protect a previous LASIK flap, and after cataract surgery it will probably result in faster, more comfortable healing.

The fact that I have already learned something that we will be able to apply to our SkyVision Center patients before lunch is a very positive sign that this is going to be a very productive AAO!"

Exciting things are coming out of Chicago already! Keep us posted Dr. White.

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