Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Transitions Vantage!

What will they think of next?! The Transitions company has not only brought out some of the coolest photochromatic lenses (lenses that change color depending on light levels) including the DriveWear lens that will darken in a car, but now they have introduced a lens that becomes polarized as it darkens! As the amount of UV light increases and the day gets brighter, the Transitions Vantage lens will not only become darker, it also becomes polarized to decrease the amount of horizontal glare that reaches the eye.

Bright levels of sunlight can cause not only discomfort but also difficulty seeing. A part of this comes from increased glare off on horizontal surfaces like roads, water, snow and ice, and the hood of your car. Polarization decreases this glare by dramatically reducing the reflected light off of these surfaces. Since the reflections increase as it gets brighter the Vantage lens INCREASES the polarization at the same time as it darkens.

Controlling the amount, color, and direction of the light entering the eye can deliver a much higher level of comfort. The Vantage lenses can be put into most fashion frames so that you can continue to enjoy the look you prefer at the same time you enjoy better vision and better comfort! We are all excited about this new lens from Transitions, and now we can't wait for the next cool thing they dream up!!

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