Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Electric Bifocals! The EMPOWER Lens

Here's the latest news in eyewear, the PixelOptics EMPOWER lens. Believe it or not, this lens can actually change its focus, either automatically by changing the position of your head, or at any power you choose.

Skyvision Centers is one of only a handful of practices in the whole United States to introduce this revolutionary lens. Our main office in Westlake, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio will be the place to find all 28 frame styles. Our Optical staff is ready to answer your questions and assist  in fitting you properly, and Dr. White will be the first person in Cleveland to try out the Empower lens!

Tiny batteries are charged each night to power the piso-electric current passing through the lenses. Stay tuned for more updates. We'll make sure to get the scoop from Dr. White!

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