Friday, May 4, 2012

RevitalVision Session 1 With Dr. White

Dr. White just came out of our darkened RevitalVision room after completing the introductory session. Here's what he had to say:

"I was a little surprised that the calibration process was repeated right in the beginning! We had the room and the computer and the monitor all set up yesterday so I thought I'd just fly into battle. No big deal, but I wonder if that will happen every day when I step up to bat?

The first training session is just to show you how to do the program so it's really important to be able to see everything. My time in the room is just a little bit longer than it might have been; I had to run out to my car when the program told me 'If you have glasses or contacts wear them for this part."!! I had a little crisis of confidence in the first module. I THOUGHT it said left button for first choice offered and right button for the second, but I got all flustered when the computer dinged at me! Was a ding good or bad?!

OK...dings are bad. First choice, left mouse button. Second choice, right mouse button. GOT IT! Phew!

After I got that critical detail down pat I flew through the second and third  modules. Total time for my introductory RevitalVision session = 27:00! I have a feeling it's gonna be way harder once I stop wearing even the tiny distance prescription I have in my driving glasses though!"

Stay tuned for more news from Dr. White's RevitalVision adventures!

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