Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RevitalVision Re-Boot!

Here's one of the very cool things about the RevitalVision program: your vision trainer is in contact with you pretty much all the time and responds to your questions right away. Dr. White's trainer is Terry and she realized from Dr. White's questions that he would actually be better off doing one of the other RevitalVision programs in order to meet his goals.

"I was talking to the executives and head scientists about Dr. White and his progress. We decided that what Dr. White was really after was to reduce the amount of time he uses his glasses for things like driving at night. He was doing very well on the Sportsvision module and would likely have really seen a jump in his vision while wearing his glasses, but we felt that he would be more likely to achieve his primary goal by switching to our "Myopia" protocol."

Dr. White did the intro session for "Myopia" today without his glasses and is ready to forge ahead! "I'm very impressed by the responsiveness Terry showed to my questions. I've always loved this part of the RevitalVision program and approach, the interaction between the patient and the people running the program and the software," said Dr. White. "I love that Terry and her teammates are looking after my patients this closely!"

By the way, Dr. White scored a 94 in a 15:00 introductory session on Myopia.  Check back here for updates on his progress!

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