Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dr. White and RevitalVision Sessions 4 & 5

Dr. White is still doing great with RevitalVision and the SportsVision module. Here's what he had to say about Sessions 4 and 5:

"Wow! This is getting HARD! I mentioned last time that the images get smaller and smaller while they also get dimmer and dimmer. It turns out that the better you do on your previous sessions the smaller and dimmer they get as you go on! Tough stuff.

I'm finding that I need to take mini-breaks a little more frequently now since I am concentrating so hard. I've always had a bit of a dry eye problem (I use Restasis) so I've been using artificial tears during my sessions as well. It seems like my results are good, though. The program sends you an email after each session with a graph to show your results, and my trainer Kelly has been very encouraging. Each session is taking just a little over 30 minutes, and I got my highest score yet today on Session 5: a 92!

My goal is to get in at least 4 sessions per week and so far, so good. I'm still wondering when I will have to do this without my glasses, though."

Stay tuned for more updates from Dr. White as his RevitalVision adventure continues.

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