Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dr. White and RevitalVision: Training Begins!

Dr. White is going gangbusters with his RevitalVision training using the SportsVision Program. He finished the 3 introductory "Session 0" sessions and moved into the training sessions; there are 20 training sessions. So far he has done Sessions 1 and  2.

"Wow! That's hard work! The program asked me to wear my glasses for each session so far; the hardest part is remembering to bring them to the office from my car since I don't really wear them that much. The sessions take a TON of concentration, and since my vision with my glasses is very good I have to hang in there with very small images that are very, VERY faint. Whew!

Although I knew the basic structure of the training program it's hard to truly be prepared for the work you do until you start. I knew that the images would get more and more faint, and I sorta knew that I would work with smaller and smaller targets. What was a little bit of a surprise is how the 3-image tests work. Not only do you have to pick which option has 3, rather than 2, images, and not only are they really tiny, and not only do they get really faint, but the images get closer and closer together as the session goes on! I was really concentrating hard there at the end of this one.

I think my scores were pretty good, 87 on Session 1 and 91 on Session 2, but I admit I have no idea what a top score might be. Maybe 100? My vision trainer Terry's boss told me I'm not really in the "High Achiever" category, though; it took me 29:56 minutes to do Session 1 and 25:00 mins to do Session 2 which he said was sort of average speed. [Terry's boss is a friend of Dr. White's so we don't know how seriously to take this!]"

So far Dr. White is on a pace of about 3 Sessions per week. Tune in for more progress reports.

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