Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing Hookie in Beantown

I just got back to my hotel after about 7 hours of playing "hookie" from the ASCRS convention (all work and no play, and all). I checked out figuratively at about 3 this afternoon and got in a killer Crossfit workout in the Hotel gym. The kid working out next to me said it all: "Man...that's some unbelievable work-out  Dude!" Nothing like Crossfit to cleary your mind.

I went to college in Massachusetts and there are a bunch of my classmates here in Boston. My good friend Chuck rounded up his wife Sherrie and their partners Hugh and Katie for dinner at Mistral. What a place! Hugh and Chuck lived with me in the same freshman dorm at Williams College. Lots of laughs as we remembered whaty knuckleheads we were in college and shortly after. Every now and again it's good to duck our and escape  the business world. I'm refreshed...ready and raring to go tomorrow!

Thanks to Chuck for a great walk down memory lane.

Dr. White

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