Friday, April 9, 2010

The Connected Ophthalmologist

We are the original gadget guys, ophthalmologists. Really. We were the first doctors to use microscopes to operate on our patients. We were the first to use lasers in both the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. We've got all KINDS of cool gear that we use in the office every minute of every day. I can hardly wait to see what kind of new stuff is available at ACSRS.

Not only do we love gadgets in our work world but we tend to be real freaks when it comes to  gadgets in our everyday world, too. Heck, one of the requirements I had for accepting a job was a practice provided hand-held cell 1990! In general eye doctors must have it, and we must have it yesterday. Which is why I'm still laughing at the contents of my carry-on. You see, a significant percentage of opthalmologists are split personalities--we have to have that gadget now, but we can't stand the thought of getting another one if it means parting with one we just bought.

Here's what's in my bag for my trip to Boston: a cell phone with a  QWERTY keyboard (to text with my kids), a digital camera (to take photos for Facebook), the netbook I'm typing on, a mobile WiFi hotspot (so I can type on my netbook), and an iPod Touch (when the net book is too big). Whew! Nuts, huh? Wouldn't it be great if I could just carry one, single gadget to do all of those things? Right...iPhone! Duh, I knew that. 

But then I'd have to leave the Verizon network, and I just got this new phone, and that MiFi thingy is really cool, and...

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