Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Day in Boston

Great, very productive meeting! In keeping with the theme of the weekend I'll be meeting with the folks at Inspire this morning for discussions about ocular surface disease.

The last task will be to meet with Dr. Dan Durrie and Brendan Sheil to pick their brains about maximizing our ability to implement the RevitalVision program at Skyvision Centers. It's really hard for me to over-state how revolutionary I think this program is, and what a boon it will be to patients as varied as the 70 year old hoping to keep her driver's license and the 17 year old hoping to go pro in baseball. RevitalVision is simply the best example of the interaction of real, hard, complex science and its application in the improvement of people's lives

Then it's off to visit Gram and Gramp in Rhode Island!

Dr. White.

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