Sunday, April 11, 2010

All About The Ocular Surface

Back to the front of the eye this year at ASCRS. Several of the biggest companies in the eye care world are ready to introduce new medicines to help make the ocular suface more healthy, to make patients more comfortable and see better.

Our tears are actually a complex mixture, an emulsion (kind of like well-shaken Italian salad dressing!) made up of salt water (aqueous), oil (lipid or meibum) and mucin. We already have really good anti-inflammatory medicines for dry eye like Lotemax, and excellent medicines for the improved production and health of the aqueous layer like Restasis. A newer development is the use of the antiobiotic Azasite to make the lipid portion of our tears work better.

The hole in our protfolio of treatments is something to work on the mucin in our tears. At present we do not have anything, either with or without a prescription, to help this part of our tears. It looks like one of the biggerst  companies will come out with an over-the-counter eyedrop that will specifically address this area. Stay tuned here, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter for news about this very exciting development!

Dr. White

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