Monday, May 13, 2013

DemandForce is alive and well at SkyVision! Thank You to our patients for our 5 Star reviews!

"What does that mean, you ask?  As you know, the global online community becomes more robust with each passing day. It’s hard to imagine life without cell phones and computers because communicating has become so easy, efficient, and effective."    source:   DemandForce Dish Newsletter, August 2012. 

SkyVision  adopted the new online system about one year ago to help improve the quality and timeliness of communication to its patients.   The staff and patients have responded to it very well.   On a daily basis Demandforce notifies patients of upcoming appointments and patients can confirm via their cell phone or computer.  After a patient visits they also receive a thank you for visiting and are asked to complete an online review if they wish.   In addition, they can also submit a survey where their opinions are polled.

Our patients have responded with such enthusiasm to this that we have received well over 450 reviews in less than a year.  In addition, we have received over 475 surveys.   For our reviews, we have achieved the highest overall rating of 5 Star  ***** over the long haul.   We have received many comments, opinions, suggestions, etc through the surveys.    We appreciate the patients taking the time to respond to either the surveys and reviews and they can be done anonymously or with their names.    

SkyVision not only is at the top of its class in its practice of the very best eye care by highly experienced doctors and staff, it is also committed to the advancement of communication with the patient and by keeping pace with the latest in current trends and lifestyles.

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