Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Steroid eye drops were first introduced in eye care in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  They were truly revolutionary!  For people with chronic inflammation of any type the creation of steroid eye drops was truly a sight-saving development.

With this benefit came some side effects and complications, however.  The original steroid, prednisolone, has been shown to cause an elevation in eye pressure in as many as 30% of people who take it.  In addition, long-term use often leads to the development of cataracts.  All of the steroid eye drops to date have been suspensions; you had to shake them vigorously in order to make sure you got the right amount of steroid in your eye. 

Bausch & Lomb recently introduced a new gel formulation of the steroid Loteprednol which has been provided under the brand name Lotemax.  The physics behind this gel are truly extraordinary!  Shaking it just once permanently suspends the steroid medicine.  There is no settling of the medicine in the bottle!  The other very cool thing about this new drop is that the gel is re-liquified within one or two blinks after inserting the medicine.  Not only do you get the exact amount of steroids that is desired from a single drop, but this nearly instant liquefaction means less discomfort and less blurriness. 

Lotemax was found in its FDA trial to be effective in reducing the inflammation following cataract surgery.  In addition, Lotemax has been known to cause a much less frequent rise in pressure than other steroid eye drops.  For these reasons the doctors at Skyvision Centers are very excited to have this new steroid eye drop as an option to treat you.  

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