Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drivewear, Transitions Lenses That Darken in a Car!!

Dr. White keeps saying wonderful things about his "Drivewear", but what exactly is it? Well, Drivewear is one of the newest lenses to come out of the genius labs at Transitions, the company famous for making suglasses that darken outside and become clear lenses indoors. Transitions lenses are rightly celebrated for being the best and easiest to use photochromic sunglass lenses made. The only problem is that they didn't really get all that dark in a car.

Until now!!

Drivewear lenses are just killer technology. They have pretty much everything you would want in a pair of glasses for driving. First of all, they are polarized (remember our post on polarization and cutting down glare?). They utilize one of the most advanced methods for this, the "Nupolar" process. Less glare in all viewing situations.

The Transitions Photochromic technology does the rest. In dim light, in or out of a car, the lenses are a high contrast green-yellow. This minimizes glare and maximizes the amount of light information that enters the eye.

While other photochromic lenses don't change color in a car, the Drivewear lenses will darken even behind a windshield. The lenses become a copper color in the car on a sunny day. This highlights reds and know, like the ones in street lights! They reduce glare and cut down excess visible light.

Outside, especially on bright days, the Drivewear lenses become a dark reddish-brown color. This gives maximum comfort and protection from excess light, and of course blocks out 100% of harmful Ultraviolet rays.

So see what Dr. White is so excited about! Come on over to Skyvision Centers and ask us about Transitions Drivewear!

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  1. Drivewear lenses are available in different shades but basically they are available in reddish brown color. If if we talk about the safety then drivewear lenses are the safest lenses while driving.