Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Color Sunglass Lens For Driving?

For many of us the most frequent use of sunglasses is while we are driving. Polarization is a big help here since using polarized lenses of any color will dramatically reduce the glare that comes off the hood of the car and from other cars. Most of the better sunglass manufacturers like Maui Jim, Oakley, Kaenon, and Nike offer polarized options.

The color you use to drive depends on your personal preference more than anything else. Lenses that have brown tints will preserve your color appreciation to a greater degree than any of the other colors so we will typically suggest brown for driving and general purpose wear. Dr. White wears his Maui Jim Brown HD's all the time! (By the way, these are NOT Dr. White's!)

How about Transition lenses, lenses that change color to become darker when you are outside? For most of these lenses the change occurs when they are exposed to UV light. Your windshield and your car windows effectively block out all of the UV light so regular Transitions will NOT get dark inside the car.

Stay tuned for more scoop on Sunglass Lens colors!

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