Monday, September 24, 2012

RevitalVision: Coming Down The Homestretch For Dr. White!

As we've posted before, Dr. White switched his RevitalVision program from Sports Vision to Low Myopia. He wanted to reduce his use of distance glasses, especially during the day. This involved a "re-boot" of his schedule as he went back to Session 1 with his new program. Let's check in and see how he's doing!

"I just finished session 16 of the Low Myopia program. My vision specialist had me start to use a very small correction with glasses after session 14, a -0.50. Wow...was it getting hard to see those Gabor Patches before that! Smaller and smaller, dimmer and dimmer--that was really hard work. At that point my results had gone from the high 80's and low 90's to the low 80's and high 70's, but now I'm back up around 90 again. It's STILL hard work, though!

The vision specialist and the program suggested that I start wearing my distance glasses LESS after session 14 and I AM seeing a difference. I was walking one of our dogs last night and I could read street signs and see details on cars from more than a block away! This is pretty much on track with what I've read, what my patients have been saying, and what the RevitalVision people predict."

There are a few more sessions to go. I'm sure I'll have more good news to share soon! "

Way to go Dr. White!

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