Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Everyone Should Know About Cataract Surgery

Here are some thoughts on preparing for Cataract Surgery from Connie, our sugery counselor:

"Having worked with hundreds of patients now who I have counseled through their pre- operational instructions;  it is the darn eye drops that cause the most stress and inconvenience for people.  Imagine that!    

The most performed surgery in the U.S. and one that is so streamlined now that literally 24 hours later the patient is back to their regular routine . . . and if we receive complaints they typically are about the eye drops they have to take for up to 30 days after the surgery, not the procedure, not the doctor or surgery center, not how they are seeing but . . . the eye drops!

We educate our patients before meeting the doctors, during their examination and after the examination with the surgical counselor.  We send educational videos via email or send them home with written information.  Education is the key to a successful procedure so the patient feels comfortable, not only with the doctor but the procedure.

Feeling good when they leave the office, patients leave with 3 prescriptions for eye drops they will be taking throughout the pre and post operative period.  Then, they go to the pharmacy and the whole experience leaves our practice and the pharmacist gives them the news on how much the drops will cost them.  Out of the hands of the doctor!  But, after the prescriptions are filled and they go home, the regimen is started.  

Then the patient comes into the surgery center and the procedure lasts a few minutes and a couple of hours later the patient goes home and clearly sees better!  The post operative visits begin and drops are continued for up to 30 days after the procedure.

I am writing this for those who are nervous about cataract surgery. It truly is the eye drops that I get most of the questions about.  So, don't despair, if you are getting ready for cataract surgery, we will take good care of you, you just have to be prepared for the eye drops!"

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