Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Like Wearing Glasses!

Some of the coolest things in all of eye care are about seeing well without wearing glasses. We have contact lenses of all types, Laser Vision Correction with LASIK and PRK,  and all types of lenses that we can put inside your eyes so that you can see well without wearing glasses. Heck, we even have things that will help you if you have "over-40" eyes and need to wear readers!

But some people actually LIKE wearing glasses! There are lots of really good reasons for this, too. Some people can't wear contact lenses, and others just can't even think about any type of surgery on their eyes. No problem! The technology behind eyeglasses and the lenses is just as advanced as it is for things like contacts and implants that go inside the eye.

On top of that wearing glasses can let you express yourself. Think of all the options to accessorize!! Some of us like to do that with sunglasses (remember all those pictures of Dr. White, Dr. Schlegel, and Dr. Kaye in their shades?!), and there are people who change their glasses with each different outfit. We LOVE people who do that!

There is one trend that we are trying to understand, though. The whole eyeglasses with not only no prescription, but NO LENSES has us a bit confused. Maybe LeBron can help up with this one.

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