Friday, September 28, 2012

Congrats to Comet CrossFit

Has it been a year already? Wow, how fast has that gone?! Comet CrossFit, the family fitness center owned by Dr. White's sons is one year old. Randy and Dan White are the owner-trainers at Comet Crossfit in Amherst and this weekend marks their one-year Anniversary.

"I couldn't be prouder of the boys," said Dr. White. "They've been making their clients more fit, healthier, and just plain better at life! CrossFit is powerful stuff, and Randy and Dan have been doing a great job as trainers."

CrossFit Gyms traditionally mark significant milestones with charitable events, and Comet CrossFit is no different. Tomorrow Comet and all of its members will celebrate their Anniversary with a benefit workout of the day, or WOD, in support for the "Feel Your Boobies Foundation." Feel Your Boobies is an organization devoted to raising awareness of the benefits of breast self-exams in young women. FYB was founded by Beth White's cousin, herself a victim of breast cancer.

Dan White: "We couldn't be prouder of Mom's cousin Leigh and what she's done. We've been planning this for months." Randy White adds "anyone can donate to this great organization, and we'd really love to see all kinds of people come out and join us for our event!" The festivities will include a barbecue and party at the gym in Amherst.

Congrats to the White boys and Comet CrossFit from all of us at SkyVision Centers!

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