Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fittest Eye Doc in America Challenge!

Dr. White is throwing down! That's right, our own Dr. Darrell White is challenging all of the eye doctors in America to determine who is the Fittest Eye Doc in America!

About 5 years ago Dr. White discovered a fitness program called CROSSFIT. Founded and developed by the training team of Greg and Lauren Glassman, Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that builds general physical preparedness. You know, the kind of fitness that prepares you for whatever may come your way tomorrow. That's why Crossfit has become the pricipal fitness program for the U.S. Navy Seals!

Dr. White has been very influenced by Crossfit and how Crossfit defines fitness. It isn't enough to be have just lots of endurance if you aren't strong, and it isn't enough to be really strong if you don't have any endurance. You have to have both in order to be truly fit. Crossfit calls this "work capacity across broad time and modal domains". How far can you move how much for how long?! Any test of true fitness should evaluate both strength and endurance.

So here is the "Fittest Eye Doc in America" test that Dr. White is challenging any and all optometrists and opththalmologists to complete:

1) You have 10:00 to achieve a 1-rep max effort in the Deadlift (measured in pounds).
2) Immediately following your last Deadlift attempt Run 1 Mile (measured in seconds).
3) Upon completing the mile run rest 5:00
4) In 2:00 do as many Pull-ups as you can (chin over the bar any way).
5) Rest 2:00
6) In 2:00 perform as many Push-ups as you can (chest touches surface at level equal to hands)
7) Rest 2:00
8) In 2:00 perform as many Sit-ups as you can (shoulder blade to floor/elbows to knees)
9 Rest 2:00
10) In 2:00 perform as many "Air Squats" as you can (crease of hip at or below knee)

Your Eye Doc Challenge score is computed as follows:
Deadlift + Pull-ups + Push-ups + Sit-ups + Squats - Mile Run

So there you have it! The Challenge lasts all year. Send in your results. If Dr. White is in YOUR neighborhood he'll come by for a throw-down, and it you're in Westlake, OH we expect to see you! Oh yeah...don't worry...Dr. White is the guy on the LEFT!


  1. Darrell,
    Is there a par value? In other words - I know that you are generating a numeric score and obviously the goal is to have the highest score. But is there also breakdowns in scoring that will separate - fit from not fit - and extremely fit from just fit. Just curious.
    Also - for scoring - the mile run is in seconds - so the slower I run - the higher the value. So if I run slower - and can't do any pullups - I could still have a higher score than you if you run too fast.....

  2. Good questions. So far from the results coming in from the Crossfit gyms that have done test trials, ZERO seems to be the starting point for fit vs. non-fit. 100 is the beginning of "very fit", and 200 is "extremely fit."

    You missed a very key factor in the scoring equation...we are SUBTRACTING your mile in seconds! The slower you run the LOWER your score. For example, if you run a 6:00 mile you will subtract 360 from your other numbers; if you run a 10:00 mile you subtract 600. The faster you run, the higher your net score.

    Thanks for chiming in. Let us know your results!