Friday, January 28, 2011

What's New With RevitalVision?

RevitalVision is the fantastic vision training program developed from the concept of neural plasticity. All of the doctors at Skyvision Centers are huge fans of this technology. The earliest uses were with post-op vision training for patients with LIFESTYLE lens implants, and post-op vision training for patients who had custom LASIK vision correction surgery.

 The scientists at RevitalVision have just introduced a SPORTS VISION program! This program is perfect for athletes of all kinds who need to gain an edge on their competitors. Even if you have very good vision you will get sharper, crisper, higher quality vision from the RevitalVision Sports Vision program. Imagine that you are a tennis player and you see the ball come off your opponents racket just a little quicker. You are a baseball player and you pick up the spin of a pitch earlier and with better accuracy. Sounds great, huh?

 Dr. White and the SkyVision Centers eye doctors are planning to participate in a study using the RevitalVision Sports Vision program to improve the speed and accuracy of our Marine marksman. This is one more way that RevitalVision and SkyVision Centers are bringing you a whole new type of vision performance.

 Vision Redesigned(R)!

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