Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fittest Eye Doc In America, Round 1

Dr. White took his first shot at the Fittest Eye Doc in America Challenge today. Here's the LINK to our blog post with the details on the test. After he caught his breath we asked him how it went!

"Wow! I can't believe the scores that some of my non-doc friends are getting on this after doing it myself. I'm coming off a little bit of a cold, but MAN that was tough.

I'm not the best runner so my 7:45 mile time was OK, especially coming right after the deadlift. I stopped after 8:00 of the deadlift because my back felt a little "twingy" at 275 pounds. I think I have at least another 25 pounds that I can lift there!

The body weight exercises were surprisingly hard, probably because you have to do them right after lifting and running. My scores for the 2:00 of each were 42 Pull-ups, 37 Push-ups, 57 Sit-ups and 73 Squats, so my overall Challenge score is +19.

Going in we thought anything over 0 is good, over 100 is very good, and over 200 is outstanding. I guess I've got a little work to do!"

Keep it up, Dr. White! Two more months of training in Cleveland before the big contest at ASCRS in San Diego.

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