Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skyvision Scores Top Twin Bridges Score!

Drum roll, please! Dr. Darrell White and Skyvision centers of Weslake scored the highest score yet recorded on the Twin Bridges Scale of cataract surgery quality. The Twin Bridges Score evaluates 100 consecutive cataract surgeries in patients who don't have any other major eye problems. The two measurements are vision (20/40 or better at 1 week post-surgery) and accuracy (+/- 1.00 from the planned post-surgery prescription). The highest possible score is 100. The highest recorded score to date is 99, the same score that Dr. White and Skyvision achieved!

That's right...Dr. White and Skyvision equalled the scores of the best cataract surgeons in America!

We expanded our evaluation to look at ALL cataract surgeries, including those that were performed on patients who also had complex cataract surgery or suffered from other diseases like macular degeneration or glaucoma. Our score on all surgeries, even without screening out paitents who had other, vision-threatining diseases, was 97. STILL one of the highest ever recorded.

We will continue to measure our results using the Twin Bridges Score as well as any other validated quality measurements. Congratulations to Dr. White and the entire Skyvision Centers surgery team!

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