Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eyewear for Skiing

Wow! We can't believe it's almost February and we haven't talked about what kind of eyewear to use for skiing yet. Skiing is one of Dr. White's favorite pastimes!

 For sure you need to wear SOMETHING over your eyes when you are skiing. It's very important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light. The snow actually reflects ultraviolet light so you are getting UV rays from above, straight in, and below when you ski. Snow blindness is actually caused by multiplying the sun's UV rays by all the snow reflections.

 For sure you can wear sunglasses. There are lots of sunglass styles and lenses that work great on the snow. You will certainly want larger lenses, maybe even a wrap–around style to not only block out UV light but also protect your eyes from the wind and the cold. There are some really great sunglasses from Maui Jim that work really well.

 Dr. White prefers to wear goggles when he is skiing. He feels more comfortable with his eyes totally protected from not only ultraviolet light but all of the elements on the slopes. Just like with sunglasses, there are lots of companies that make very good ski goggles. Dr. White and his entire family have worn Oakley goggles for more than 15 years. Oakley has lenses to fit any light condition, and their goggles fit really well with ski and snowboard helmets. Safety first!

 Don't forget to protect your eyes if you are a skier or snowboarder.

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