Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RevitalVision and Dr. White

Our own Dr. Darrell White is about to embark on his own RevitalVision training! "I've been having just a little bit of blurriness when driving, especially at night," said Dr. White. "After my LASIK in 1999 I've really only had to wear reading glasses after turning 45 or so (Dr. White is now 52). My corneas were so thin that I was only going to be able to have LASIK done once so the little distance prescription I now have needs to be taken care of some other way."

Enter RevitalVision! Most of what Dr. White has in the way of a distance vision problem is due to a little bit of astigmatism. The perfect solution for him is the RevitalVision Sportsvision program. We are awaiting delivery of the module right now.

Dr. White: "I"ll report on my progress and the experience right here! I can't wait to get this permanent improvement and stop wearing my driving glasses again."

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