Monday, April 23, 2012

RevitalVision: How Does It Work?

So how exactly does RevitalVision work? How do we train our brain to see better? It turns out the RevitalVision takes advantage of something called "neural plasticity", and the concept of neural plasticity was actually proven in the science of vision. We once thought that our brains were "hardwired" sometime around the age of 20 or 25. It turns out that we can actually open or create new pathways in our brains once we figure out the best way to stimulate those pathways.

Think of every activity that you do as being controlled by a "highway" of nerve cells in your brain. Each pathway is almost like a 6 Lane Hwy. with only one lane open. RevitalVision, actually any kind of training that opens up new pathways, does one of either two things: either we open up to more lanes on the highway right next to our original lane, or we increase the speed limit on our 1st Lane. from, say, 55 to 110!

Maybe even both! Improvement that we have seen with RevitalVision on the eye chart and contrast sensitivity, how sharp images appear to us, suggests that we may actually not only open up new neural pathways, but we may also make our original pathway faster!

So in a sense RevitalVision is ramping up the highway to vision.

Dr. White will be testing out his "highway" of nerve cells over the next few months, so stay tuned for his feedback on this.

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