Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Morning Comics

Samuel is lying on his deathbed, his extended family gathered around him. He's lived a good and long life, and in general he is satisfied and comfortable. But still, something is wrong...

"What is it, Samuel?" the family asks. "You are restless. Do you need something? Is there something we can do?"

After some prompting Samuel admits that he does, indeed, want something. "Bring me my optometrist, Dr. Walter."

Now, Walter has cared for Samuel and his eyes for 40 years, and he is terribly flattered to be called to his sickbed. "What can I do for you, Samuel my friend?"

"Walter, after all of these years, there's something that I must know, something that only you can tell me."

"Anything Samuel. Ask me anything."

Walter, so that I may die in peace, tell me...finally...what is the answer. Which one IS better, number one, or number two?"

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