Friday, April 20, 2012

No Longer Struggling to See! A Satisfied Cataract Patient's story . . . .

Thank you for your kind words Dr. Palma!

I went to Skyvision this past fall for what I believed to be a routine eye exam to update my prescription for glasses and contact lenses. I definitely couldn't see as well as I used to. The staff was professional and friendly as always (my kids go there too).

Initially I saw Dr. Kaye who was concerned about my vision and ordered further tests. After lengthy testing, Dr. White made the comment that I was really "struggling to see". It turned out I had a cataract.... not something I wanted to hear being less than 50 yrs old. During my evaluation for cataract surgery I met with Dr. Schlegel who explained every aspect of surgery. He answered all of my questions, reassured me everything would be ok, and that they had done the intraocular lens implant surgery frequently.

I chose the multifocal intraocular lens so I would not need glasses to see up close. The day of the surgery I went to the outpatient surgery center. The staff there was just as professional and friendly as at Skyvision. The surgery took just a few minutes and I left 1/2 hr after surgery. Two weeks later, the other eye was done.

Today I am NOT "struggling to see". Dr. White gave me the incredible gift of sight! I cannot thank the doctors and staff at Skyvision enough for my special care. Recently my husband told me that he was so impressed with the care I received that he was going to switch to Skyvision!

Gabriella Palma, M.D.

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