Friday, May 6, 2011

Vision ReDesigned: Vision Rehab

We are approaching the dawn of a new era in healthcare in the United States as the first of the Baby Boom generation turns 65. There are some 65 Million Americans entering older adulthood, and we can expect that they will have many of the same issues and problems we've seen in prior generations. Thankfully our technology advances will help us guide them through this stage with as little difficulty as possible.

Skyvision Centers is the premier "patient-centered" medical center in Cleveland, Ohio. It is arguably the first of its kind anywhere in the U.S. We are constantly seeking to provide whatever is necessary to enhance the vision and protect the eye health of our patients. We expect that the Baby Boom generation will be very interested in maximizing their visual lives for as long as possible, despite any diseases that may get in the way.

As part of our "Vision ReDesigned(R)" prgrams we will be adding a Vision Rehabilitation service later this year. One of our core offerings will be RevitalVision to improve your ability to use every last bit of vision your eyes can provide. In addition, we will have a full offering of visual assistance tools, and we will have caring, experience professionals to guide you through the learning process.

You can look to Skyvision to See What's Next!

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