Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RevitalVision and Macular Degeneration: How Does It Work?

We are always trying to find new and better ways to help our patients see. Our goal is to provide the best experience you can possibly have while achieving the best vision you can attain. We strive every day to be the best place in all of Cleveland to receive your eyecare.

As part of our quest we are not only constantly on the search for new programs and products, but we are also continuously testing existing things to see if they can help MORE people in MORE ways. An example is RevitalVision. Dr. White had a meeting with some of the executives and scientists at RevitalVision last year and shared his opinion that their program would help people with early stages of macular degeneration. A recent study report from Israel confirms Dr. White's prediction!

How would this work? Well, we know that RevitalVision's programs produce an improvement in vision of around 1.5-2 lines lower, or better, on an eye chart. We also know that it will improve contrast sensitivity, how sharp and crisp your vision is, by a factor of at least 2 -- a doubling of sharpness. This change is permanent and will always allow an individual with decreasing eye health to see better than they would have otherwise. Think just for a minute how huge it would  be if you had slipped to 20/50 and couldn't get a license, but after RevitalVision training your were back to 20/30 or so?!

Look to us at Skyvision to not only bring the latest developments in vision and eyecare to Cleveland, but also to make them better!

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