Monday, May 23, 2011

Kaenon Sunglasses and the Hottest Hitter in Baseball!

The hottest player in Baseball today, and through the first month of the season, is the LA Dodgers right fielder, Andre Ethier.

Ethier worked on many things in the off-season, one being his ability to see the ball in day games, better. He began hitting in Kaenon Polarized which, he says, has provided him an uncanny ability to see the release point quicker, the ball sharper and with more contrast to pick up the seams, spin and velocity quicker. He’s been tuning his vision by alternating between the darker G12 lens for the outfield – where seeing the ball off the hitter’s bat, about 250 feet away, and tracking it through the stands, fans, and up into the bright sky allows him to get an extra jump on the ball. He then switches to the G28 lens, in his favorite Matte Black Beacons, when cloudy or less than bright conditions prevail.

Many are touting Ethier as one of the best outfielders in the game – a true Gold Glove candidate this year.

But hitting is where Ethier really shines. Is it coincidence that Ethier is on top of the league in hitting stats, broke records in April and just wrapped up a 30 game hitting streak – in the first season he has dedicated himself to hitting in his Kaenon’s during every day game at bat? He throws on his Matte Black Beacon’s in G28 lenses when hitting – every time – allowing him to receive more light to the eye, to process more detailed information, quicker. Some quick, current facts on Ethier:

-He broke the record for longest hitting streak in the month of April – held by last year’s Dodger manager Joe Torre.
-He now holds the Dodgers 2nd longest hitting streak in franchise history – dating back to the 1800’s.

It’s great to see some of Ethier wearing Kaenon Polarized this season, not to mention some of the managers and coaches who are some of the most respected people in the game. We’re excited to see how the Ethier fares during the rest of the season in Kaenon’s. From all of us at Skyvision Centers in Cleveland, congratulations on an incredible hitting streak!

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