Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Pillars of Sports Vision

Skyvision Centers is committed to improving the on-field performance of all of our Cleveland athletes. Sports vision involves 3 separate but integrated factors.

The first part of vision performance in sports is FOCUS: how sharp the images are that your eyes get. It's vitally important that an athlete have the sharpest vision possible. If you have even the smallest prescription your game will improve if you can focus just a little bit better. Finding your best glasses or contact lens prescription, and then fitting you with the best version to improve your vision is the first step in Sports Vision and we are experts at Skyvision.

After your eyes have focused an image on your retina that image is sent back to your brain where you actually "see" it. Our vision center is in the back of our brains, and the development of the nerve pathways here determines how SHARP your vision is. Maximizing your contrast sensitivity, your visual sharpness, is step two in seeing as well as you possible can on the playing field or on the court. Skyvision Centers uses the RevitalVision Sports program, a computer training program that actually trains your brain to see better!

And finally, you need to use that unbelievably FOCUSED and SHARP vision as well as you can by training your body to REACT to what you see. The third pillar of Sports Vision is training your body to react as quickly as possible to what you see. Coming soon to Skyvision is the revolutionary Nike Sparq Sports Sensory Training program to help you use your vision in the game!

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