Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Visit From Dr. Parent!

We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Rex Parent and some of his staff here in Westlake on Monday! Dr. Parent is a very famous cataract surgeon from Fort Wayne Indiana who met our Dr. White in Chicago at the big American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting this Fall. At dinne the two doctors had a chance to talk about some of their clinical interests and Dr. Parent was intrigued by our Skyvision Centers Dry Eye protocols enough to come for a personal visit.

One of the technicians from Indiana, April, is a long-time sufferer of Dry Eye, so we put her through our full work-up. At the end we confirmed her diagnosis and made some suggestions on how she could be more comfortable. We had a chance to explain and demonstrate how we think about and take care of Dry Eye Disease, not only with April but with several of our own Skyvision patients who were gracious enough to partake in the teaching.

We hope that the visit was helpful for Dr. Parent and his staff, but especially for his patients. Dr. Parent was very clear that he wants all of his patients to receive the very best care possible for EVERYTHING, especially Dry Eye. We are all very flattered by their visit.

And April, make sure to let us know how you are doing!!

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