Friday, December 3, 2010

Skyvision Customer Service

Do you know the Skyvision story? Skyvision Centers was founded by Dr. Darrell White, Dr. Scott Schlegel, and Dr. Gregory Kaye in Westlake, Ohio in January of 2005. The business was designed to be a customer service business with the sole product being eye care. It was essentially started from scratch with nothing but new ideas added to a committment to providing the very best level of eyecare imaginable!

Not a single other eyecare practice or medical practice was evaluated or benchmarked. The founders studied and benchmarked consumer service giants like Nordstrom's and the Ritz Carlton to see how they took care of their customers. We even spent some time looking at the practices of the Canyon Ranch Spa to see how they did things!

In order to show all of the staff members at Skyvision Centers what truly excellent customer care feels like, EVERYONE went on a customer service field trip. We had lunch at a Holiday Inn, and then had dinner at the Ritz Carlton. We shopped for cosmetics at Nordstrom's and then at Dillards. And finally, we experienced the check in process for at stay at both Holiday Inn and the Ritz. It's one thing to TALK about what customer care excellence is, but quite another thing when you EXPERIENCE the difference between good and great service.

We've done this a couple of times, and it's time to do it again! Stay tuned for updates and first-person accounts of what happens on our "Skyvision Centers Customer Service Field Trips" as we explore the best that Cleveland has to offer.

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