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Know the Dry Eye Facts

You’ve been staring at your computer and sifting through paperwork for hours. Your eyes begin to feel gritty, sore and tired. You could be among the 30 million Americans that suffer from dry eye disease, and not even know it. Since dry eye symptoms can mimic many other syndromes, sufferers frequently go undiagnosed and often don’t realize what they are afflicted with. Additionally, many people confuse dry eye symptoms with seasonal allergies or the common cold. It is imperative to know the facts; and we have made it easy for you with our dry eye fact sheet.

So, why is being aware of dry eye disease important, you ask? Well, if dry eye is left untreated or undetected, it can be much more than just a bothersome and uncomfortable condition. Untreated, excessive dry eye disease can damage the eye’s delicate tissues and disrupt the cornea, which can ultimately lead to vision impairment or even loss. Permanent scarring on the ocular surface and frequent eye infections can also be a result of undetected dry eye disease. Do not take eye hydration for granted!
In every practice, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of patients who suffer from some form of ocular dryness. In fact, dry eye disease is the number one reason for eye doctor visits. And while we can’t change the fact that we have dry eye disease, we can limit the environmental factors that aggravate symptoms. Being aware of potential dry eye triggers and becoming familiar with recognizing the symptoms can be exceedingly beneficial.
With so much to know, and so little time to read literature on the topic, how can one be more knowledgeable regarding the proper protocol to detect, ease and avoid dry eye symptoms? Further, who are the unlucky individuals more likely to be plagued with dry eye disease? Know the answers to these questions and the most common do’s and do not’s of dry eye disease to lessen your risk before the problem progresses. Proactively reduce your chances of developing or worsening dry eye symptoms by printing or sharing this child-friendly, educational dry eye fact sheet! Know the basics, your eyes will thank you!

Always see an Accredited Dry Eye doctor for a regular eye examination, or if you think you may have dry eye disease.
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