Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nike SportsVision Golf!

Did you know that all of the Skyvision Centers doctors are golfers? Dr. Kaye has actually competed in some of the biggest Cleveland golf events. All of our doctors know the importance of protecting their eyes from UV light. But what about performance? Can a pair of sunglasses make you see BETTER on the golf course?

You bet! The Nike Max Tint SportsVision series of sunglass lenses are designed to only let the most important wavelengths of light make it to your eyes for your special sport. The Nike Golf lens is a purple lens that makes the white golf ball "POP"  against the green background of a golf course so that you can follow your shots better.

The other big advantage of wavelength management is how the Nike Golf Lens allows a golfer to see contours on both the fairways and the greens. Dr. Kaye wears his all the time and feels he can see the breaks on the greens much better when he is wearing his Nikes!

Skyvision Centers is the leading provider of Nike Max Tint sports lenses in Cleveland. Let the doctors and our optical staff fit you with the perfect pair of Nike Golf lenses so that you an improve your game!

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