Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Invest in Protective Eyewear for Sports

Health Tip: 

Make sure they fit and work properly

SkyVision Centers docs are big into fitness and sports.   They concur with all recommendations regarding eye injury prevention . . . .

(HealthDay News) -- Wearing protective eye gear when playing sports can help prevent serious eye injuries.

Guidelines when selecting protective eyewear:
  • Buy your eye guards at an optical store or sports store, and make sure someone familiar with your eyes and the sport you play fits you for the guards.
  • Make sure your eyewear comes with the correct lenses, which should be held securely in place.
  • Purchase eye guards that offer cushion or padding along the bridge of the nose and eyebrows to avoid cuts or damage to the face.
SkyVision Docs can help you and any family members pick out the right protective eyewear for your best protection.

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