Friday, January 11, 2013

Eyemaginations Video Education

Have you been to our Westlake  Skyvision Center's office? The first thing you see when you walk into the lobby is a great big 52 inch television screen. And on that screen is running one of the coolest things in all of eye care: Eyemaginations!  A continuous loop of animated videos to teach you all about the eye and how we take care of your eyes.         
Eyemaginations is a big part of how we interact with you at Skyvision. We always ask for your e-mail address when you call to make an appointment. One of the reasons we do so is because we want to send you an e-mail with some Eyemaginations videos about your eyes. Do you have a cataract? How about dry eyes? We can send a video right to your own home computer to start teaching you about whatever problem you might have.

Each of our examination rooms is equipped with a terminal for our electronic medical record. We have 19 inch monitors right next to your exam chair. We can show you an Eyemaginations  video right in the exam room. These animated videos have been scripted with the help of experienced eye doctors, including Dr. White who has consulted for Eyemaginations more than six years.
How about the end of your visit? After the doctors and technicians have explained your problem and given you detailed instructions, often in writing, we might ask you again if you have given us your e-mail address. If so we have the opportunity to send another batch of Eyemaginations videos to your home. 

Easy to use and easy to see, Eyemaginations Is just one more thing the doctors and staff at Skyvision Centers is bringing to you in order to provide the very best experience possible in eye care!

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