Thursday, January 31, 2013

Carbs and Cataracts

It turns out that high levels of carbohydrate intake cause an increase in one type of cataract! High Glycemic Index carbs, foods that cause a rapid uptake in carbohydrates from a very strong insulin spike, seem to be particular causes.

How might this occur? It turns out that excess glucose from high glycemic index carbohydrates creates damaged proteins in the lens of the eye. These damaged proteins are then poorly recognized because of the "machinery" that removes these proteins is also affected by the excess glucose in a bad way. The result is an increase in the generation of cortical cataracts.

It's amazing how much we are now learning about the risks of high carbohydrate diets, especially from high glycemic index carbohydrates, even in people who don't have diabetes. First Macular Degeneration and now cataracts. It seems there's still lots to learn about what makes an "eye healthy" diet!

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