Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eye Health and Vision Questions Answered by SkyVision Centers

Wow! Look at all of the posts here on our Skyvision blog! We started out hoping to be helpful to our Skyvision patients as well as our Cleveland neighbors, mostly by talking about the stuff our doctors and staff spend their days discussing in our Westlake office. How are we doing? Are we talking about stuff you are interested in?

How about this? Tell us what kinds of things YOU are interested in. Maybe it's a question about yourself, or maybe someone in your family has an eye disease and you'd like more information. Thinking about LASIK? Perhaps there's an area of research that peaked your interest. Fashion questions for our optical staff?

Really, pretty much anything that's eye or vision related is fair game. You can leave a comment for us here on the blog, or leave a comment on our Skyvision Centers Facebook page (just search for 'Skyvision Centers'). We are on Twitter @drdarrellwhite and @skyvisioncenter, too, if you are a Twitterbug!

Let us know what YOU are interested in, Cleveland!

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