Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eye Doc Education 3.0!

This evening the doctors of SkyVision Centers will be hosting their 3rd educational seminar for local eye doctors. The first two seminars were rousing successes and we expect nothing less tonight. Each session has included two talks by either our very own SkyVision docs or invited guests. The topics covered have included the new Tear Osmolarity technology and Cataract Implants for Astigmatism among others. In addition, the two meetings have included very interesting dinner fare!

Attendees at 1.0 were treated to an Italian feast with accompanying Italian wines, while 2.0 featured artisinal pizza and Brew Kettle beer brewed especially for the meeting!

Tonight the speakers will be Dr. Darrell White and Dr. Scott Schlegel. Dr. White will introduce the concept of "service lines" in the development of protocols to diagnose, treat, and follow specific diseases in "Glaucoma Protocol Development I". Dr. Schlegel will be tackling the subject of introducing a patient with cataracts to the choices they will face when then are trying to decide what type of Intra-Ocular lens to use for their surgery.

What about dinner? Well, tonight we will be serving Mexican! Their will be a fajita bar with all of the fixin's, traditional Mexican cookies, and of course something interesting to wash it all down! We are all looking forward to seeing our friends in the eye care community as we gather to improve our collective understanding of how best to treat our patients.

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